Bard-a-thon is our week-long celebration of the playwright, poet and wordsmith William Shakespeare. 
Volunteers facilitate each show and arrange who reads which part. Everyone is welcome to sign up to read a part. People from all over the Fairbanks area come to read at all hours of the day and night, and callers from around the world join us by speakerphone. The event is also live online for listeners across the globe. Readers of all abilities are welcome. School groups are invited to come in during the weekdays for special educational sessions.
The first Bard-a-thon was held in 1999 at the Fairbanks Masonic Temple. The event later migrated to the Empress Theater, then spent a year at the Fairbanks Community Museum before coming to its current home, the friendly confines of Raven Landing Community Center at 1222 Cowles Street. 
Some short videos about Bard-a-thon and how it affects our community are available here and here